About Nelson Mandela Noble Peace Award Academy:
NMNPAA is a nonprofit organization, striving to help and recognize those who have dedicated their life towards uplifting various fields such as “Social work, Medicare, Commerce, Science, and any other significant area.”

Thus, resulting in community development and enhancement of the society.

In appreciation of their selfless and noble work our organization awards them with a noble peace award and honors them with the Nelson Mandela Noble Peace Award with Hon. Doctorate in their particular field of excellence, in partnership with “St. Mother Teresa University” headed by the Chancellor of the University.

In our humble efforts, we bring on the Dias some esteemed Government Ministers and Officials to grace the occasion by signing the letter of appreciation and trophies which boost morale and inspire them to continue the good works.

About Akruti Foundation:
Making the world a better place to live the foundation caters to its social responsibility with full zeal and dedication. In the ongoing Covid19 pandemic crisis, it has discharged its duties by supplying monthly ration packets, groceries, and medicines to the poor and immunity packets to frontline workers in collaboration with NMNPAA.

The organization is looking forward to individual and corporate support in its fund-raising campaign to bring a smile to every child’s face. The mission to make them discover the joy of learning, breaking the bonds of poverty, and for a future where they become nation builders will be then accomplished!

No one has ever become Poor by Giving

But so that you may understand whence every error is born, the pleasure of accusing and praising the pain, I will open the whole thing.

About the Founders-Akruti life foundation:

The Noble Cause is an initiative taken up by Dr. Joshua & Ranjana Immanuel. The kind-hearted souls were themselves orphans and hence were well acquainted with the hardships and deprived lives of these children. Using their personal experience as a motivational force, they both started on this mission to fulfill the need of orphans and provide them with ample opportunities to serve them with ample of opportunities to serve themselves and their nation in the best possible way. They raise them as their own families and teach them how to prosper in the social environment. The duo, through their charitable organization, supports them until they fulfill their dream, -of either completing their education, job, or marriage in the case of girls, it’s been more than ten years that Dr. Joshua & Ranjana Immanuel, along with Dr. Rajkumar Tak, have been working together towards uplift those in need.

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