Nelson Mandela Noble Peace Award Academy (NMNPAA) wishes and appreciates those who contribute towards humanity and great work for peace, harmony, and development of the country, NMNPAA has been working to motivate and educate the new generation of our country in various states of India since many years. We are working rigorously for the upliftment and unity of many such hard-working legendary personas through our work.

Rewards & Recognitions:

Nelson Mandela Noble Peace Award Honor with Hon. Doctorate in their particular field of excellence, In partnership with “The American University of Global Peace”, “St. Mother Teresa University”, “Good News International University”, headed by the Chancellor of the University.


To serve and promote serving humanity, and mankind and to create awareness about those unseen heroes who have lived their lives setting up examples in their respective fields.


To find, recognize the unseen heroes who have contributed to mankind, and humanity and have set an example in their respective fields as touch bearers and who are idle.


Founders :

Dr. Rajkumar Tak – Chairman.

Dr. Joshua Immanuel – Secretary.

Dr. Vijaysinha Patil – Vice Chairman

Core Team

Dr. Ghanshyam Kolambe.

Mr. Chitresh Soni.

Mr. Ajit Bhosale.

Mr. Somshekhar.

Our Chief Patron:

Dr. Ramdas Athawale.

Col. Shailendra Singh.

Dr. Kailash Bihari Singh.

Mr. Jayprakash Singhania.

Mr. Ajay Shaha.

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